Jingle All The Way, Bake Your Cake! Here Are 5 Cake Recipes You Can Try At Home

by Shreya Rathod
Jingle All The Way, Bake Your Cake! Here Are 5 Cake Recipes You Can Try At Home

Christmas is coming. And while everyone is getting ready with their gifts and decorations, we have sorted out five cake recipes just for you to enjoy this Christmas. Get your baking skills ready and try these cake recipes for your kids, family, and friends.

Cake Recipes Curated By The Chefs

1. Plum Cake By Chef Varun Inamdar

The traditional plum cake is the essence of a Christmas holiday. Chef Varun Inamdar shows you how to make a perfect and delightful cake for your Christmas party. Get the ingredients mentioned in the description box. And with a dollop of whipped cream, enjoy this delicacy.

2. Fruit Cake By Chef Ranveer Brar

The Masterchef judge and a wonderful chef simplify difficult things for you. His fruit cake recipe is a must-try, as with simple ingredients he has made a delicious cake. So, follow Chef Ranveer Brar and with less than ten ingredients, you have got yourself a cake for Christmas.

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3. Eggless Plum Cake By Chef Sanjyot Kheer

Don’t want eggs in your cake? Well, Chef Sanjyot Kheer has got you covered. With thirty minutes of prep time and an hour of your time, he will show you a perfect eggless cake that you will love. The description box contains all the details of the recipe and the instructions as well.

4. Christmas Mud Cake By Chef Harpal Singh

Tired of the same kind of cakes every Christmas? Chef Harpal Singh has a different yet mouth-watering cake for you. The mud cake recipe is filled with assorted dry fruits and has a special kick of orange flavour added to it. Try something different this Christmas.

5. Black Forest Cake By Chef Ajay Chopra

A cake filled with chocolates is every kid’s dream. So treat your kids and yourself to a black forest this Christmas. Chef Ajay Chopra has a simple and yummy recipe for this chocolate-filled goodness. Get ready to get chocolate high and have a blast in the holidays.

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So, here are five recipes curated by the chefs, themselves. Try them at home and do comment and tell us what you think about these cake recipes.

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash & chefajaychopra/Instagram