Here’s How To Pack Smart And Fit Everything In Your Suitcase For Your Next Holiday

by Suchismita Pal
Here’s How To Pack Smart And Fit Everything In Your Suitcase For Your Next Holiday

Do you tend to always overpack when you travel? Do you frequently pack too many clothes and essentials inside your suitcase? Then we’ve got some hacks to help you pack smarter. No more carrying those extra handbags and no more shelling out for extra weight of baggage at the airports. These tips will help you put more items inside your suitcase and still keep it light. They will be especially helpful for trips where you need to take multiple flights. Read on!

1. Swear By The Rolling Method

Instead of folding your clothes in a regular manner, roll them up. Rolled-up clothes will take up less space inside your suitcase. They will also help in keeping your suitcase light.

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2. Ditch Shampoo Bottles And Carry Sachets

For beauty essentials like shampoos and conditioners, ditch bottles and carry sachets. Take soap papers for washing hands instead of soap bars. Even if you’re carrying a soap bar, carry a small one.

3. Carry Small Towels

If you prefer to carry your own towel, opt for a small, lightweight one. Larger and heavier towels will end up taking up a lot of space inside your bag.

4. Put Heavier Clothes On The Top

If you’re carrying leather jackets, blazers, quilt, etc. that cannot be easily folded, spread them on top over the rolled-up clothes, before bringing together the hooks inside the suitcase.

5. Mix And Match

Carry ensembles that you can style in multifold ways. For example, a black skirt can go with a crop top as well as a casual shirt.

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6. Make Best Use Of The Front And Side Pockets Of Your Bag To Carry Smaller Items

For carrying smaller items and essentials like medicines, comb, night creams, etc., make the best use of the front, back and side pockets of your bags to fit them.

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