5 Smart Hacks To Avoid That Extra Baggage Fee On Your Next Flight

by Tania Tarafdar
5 Smart Hacks To Avoid That Extra Baggage Fee On Your Next Flight

The best way to save money on your trip is to book cheap plane tickets. The less money you spend on your flight, the more you end up saving for your trip. However, that’s easier said than done with the additional fees and convenience charges. Today it’s become challenging to fly economy without incurring extra baggage fees. But with these hacks will help you bypass those additional charges.

1. Weigh Your Bags Before You Leave For The Airport

Remember that an airline will only bypass the luggage fee if the luggage is under certain weight limits. Most domestic airlines set the limit at 30kg for baggage and they charge extra for baggage that exceeds this limit. Therefore, it can be a great practice to ensure your baggage doesn’t exceed weight limits before you leave for the airport. Emirates To Offer Extra 10 Kg Baggage, Free Hotel Stay For Passengers Traveling From India.


2. Travel Light & Pack Items In Carry-On Bag

The smartest way to avoid paying for checked baggage is to pack everything in a carry-on bag. However, ensure that you check the airline’s terms and conditions for carry-on luggage and pack strategically. You can try rolling your clothes to fit them in your carry-on bag. While packing strategically can be quite challenging, it is not impossible. A great idea is to use a backpack instead of a suitcase carry-on.

3. Check-In Early

Airlines are usually more lenient with people who check-in early than they are with the check-in counters’ latecomers. So if you come with some extra weight, you may get some concession. There is a standard amount as to how much extra they can squeeze without charge. If you arrive early, there are chances that you will be well under that quota and skip any extra charges

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Picture Credits: Twitter/ Delhi Airport

4. Check The Baggage Policy Of The Airline

Baggage policies vary from airline to airline. While some airlines allow two pieces of hand luggage, others allow one. Some lenient airlines also waive hand baggage by tiny variations. Therefore always check with the airline to see your allowance and try to plan accordingly. This way, you can pack more in your hand luggage and get away with the extra baggage fee.

Picture Credits: Twitter/ Chennai (MAA) Airport

5. Wear Extra Layers Of Clothes

We do not have to tell you this but if you cannot fit any more clothes in your backpack, wear them. If the airline tells you that your bag is overweight and tries to charge you excess baggage fare, simply wear as many layers as you can. Strip them off as soon as you get on board and stuff them in your hand luggage. Carrying that coat or leather jacket for your holiday? Just wear them on the flight and you will never have to pay extra. This Man Wore His Extra Clothes To Avoid Excess Baggage Fee.


Stuffing your pockets also helps to reduce the weight in your bag dramatically.