Here’s How To Prepare Spicy Schezwan Noodles At Home

by Sanmita A
Here’s How To Prepare Spicy Schezwan Noodles At Home

The obsession with Chinese Food in India is real. Every restaurant, street food stall, or master chef at home, somehow whips up a Chinese food delicacy quickly. It is probably as easy as Khichdi, our go-to dish to escape a lengthy meal preparation. But, with time Chinese food has found its place in Indian kitchens, and trust us, it is an excellent option for experimentation by amateur chefs. And, if you identify as one, you must begin polishing your culinary skills by trying the hot, spicy, mouthwatering, Schezwan noodles.

Here are the top recipes of Schezwan Noodles which are authentic yet have a slight Indianess to them –

1. Schezwan Noodles Recipe By Chef Ranveer Brar

Famous for his culinary excellence, Chef Ranveer Brar’s recipes have our hearts. Amateur cooks mostly search them, and we love how he spins little tales around the food he cooks in each episode. Watch it yourself and learn –

2. Veg Schezwan Noodles Recipe By Chef Sanjyot Keer

Chinese food is an equal craze among kids and adults. So, there is no way that you prepare these delicious schezwan noodles and don’t have them vanish from the plates. Watch this recipe and use that wok for cooking and presenting it beautifully to your eaters –

3. Recipe By Ruchi Bharani

Yummy, quick & elucidated perfectly, this recipe with great reviews has caught our attention. If you are a lazy cook but love eating, it definitely worth your time. Watch this video to get all the inspo you need to don the chef’s hat –

4. Chicken Schezwan Noodles Recipe

If you love non-veg, then adding some chicken or your favourite type of meat and fish is always a great idea. In this recipe, the cook adds his favourite ingredient, making it better for non-veg eaters. Well, watch & let us know-

5. Prawn Noodles By Shipra Khanna

The ones who love their fish will genuinely enjoy cooking this recipe of schezwan noodles. Watch this chef do a step by step of creating this popular Chinese dish –

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