Here’s How UAE Laws Are Changing To Make Travel Easy For Women

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s How UAE Laws Are Changing To Make Travel Easy For Women

Women are gaining power over time in the modern world. Women in the UAE are constantly setting new records. The UAE government granted Emirati women the freedom to take on various tasks, from mothers to pilots. And the pioneering women are paving the way for the development of this country. Several UAE laws have been recently passed regarding the same. And these efforts are making UAE a better place for Women.

New Laws Introduced By UAE Government For Women

From acquiring equal pay to feeling safe in the country is a big deal for women of the nation. Recently, the UAE has passed various legislation crucial for women’s rights improvements. The list includes a new labour code that includes anti-discrimination, anti-harassment rules, equal pay, and prolonged maternity leaves.


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Significant changes to the law governing labour relations went into effect on February 2, 2022, This enhanced women’s empowerment at its core. Equal compensation for work done by men and women is expressly required by Article 4 of Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021. This law regulates labour relations. Regarding job responsibilities in the same workplace, discrimination is also illegal.

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UAE Laws Will Ensure Easy And Safe Travel For UAE Women

Equal pay will bring more opportunities for women to strategize and plan their lives. They can be motivated to travel worldwide with more opportunities to earn higher.The UAE was named the safest nation in the world to wander alone at night in a recent global survey. Female inhabitants have referred to it as a gift.

Equal access to resources for work, health care, and family welfare is also granted to women. The UAE has indeed been recognized as one of the region’s leaders in achieving equality in economy, government, education, and health.The UAE voted 24th out of 170 countries regarding women’s inclusion, justice, and security, reflecting the nation’s development in these areas.

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