Here’s What All Is Open In Delhi During Lockdown

by Kanika Sharma
Here’s What All Is Open In Delhi During Lockdown

There is a lot of confusion among people about what all is open and what isn’t during Delhi lockdown. After Janta Curfew on March 22, Sunday; the lockdown in the NCR region has been extended till March 31. But there is no reason to panic for the people. Here is what all will be open and accessible.

Picture Credit: Khaleej Times

While the government has asked all business operators to shut down completely and asked all private transport operators to not ply, they have still allowed essential services to function ‘freely’. However, we still suggest that you refrain from stepping out.

All services and businesses that are considered essential and which will remain open are:

1. Offices charged with law and order and magisterial duties

2. Police Health Fire Prisons Fair price shops (public distribution system)

3. Electricity Water Municipal services

4. Activities related to functioning of legislative assembly of Delhi Pay and accounts office (only for salary/wages/contingent/health and essential services related expenditure)

5. Print and electronic media

6. Cashier/teller operations of banks (including ATMs)

7. Telecom, internet and postal services

8. E-commerce of all essential goods including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment

9. Food items, groceries (fruit/vegetables/milk/bakery items, meat, fish, etc)

10. Milk plants

11. General provision stores

12. Takeaway/home delivery in restaurants

13. Chemists and pharmacies

14. Petrol pumps, LPG/oil agencies (including their godown and transportation-related activities)

15. Animal fodder

16. Manufacturing, processing, transportation, distribution, storage, trade/commerce and logistics related to all the above services/establishments and commodities required for delivery of these above services

17. Any other essential service/establishment that may be exempted by the government

Picture Credit: India TV

The Delhi Metro will also remain shut till March 31. The Delhi Transport Cooperation (DTC) is running just about 25% of their fleet in order to make sure that those who are part of essential services, they do not face much trouble travelling around the city.