Here’s What You Should Do If You Do Not Get Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC

by Shreya Ghosh
Here’s What You Should Do If You Do Not Get Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC

Most travellers prefer travelling by train as it is an affordable mode of transport and you can relax properly during the journey. Especially for last-minute plans or emergencies, the train is mostly the first choice as flight tickets are very costly for such moments. During these times, passengers book tatkal tickets and anyone can book it very easily online in the comfort of their home. Sometimes, these tatkal tickets do not get any confirmation from IRCTC and this can be a problem.

Getting Confirmed Tatkal Tickets From IRCTC Is Not Always Likely To Happen

If you are booking tatkal tickets to travel somewhere, chances are that you will not receive any confirmation. No assurance of confirmed tickets is one of the major drawbacks of this ticket system. With the increase in demand, the chances further decrease to get a confirmed seat on the train. Well, there are some ways in which you can get confirmed tickets from IRCTC. You need to follow some steps for this. Read till the last to know the entire process.

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Follow These Steps To Get Confirmation From IRCTC:

The process to get confirmed tatkal tickets is quite simple and you do not need to rush to any travel agent for this. There is an option on the IRCTC platform where you can make a master list. The steps for the process are listed below:

  • Open the IRCTC account and fill the blanks with all the necessary information. You have to add every detail of the passenger on the master list.
  • Make sure to put all the details such as name, age, Aadhaar number, and more correctly.
  • Once you fill in the details, it will generate the master card.
  • Then log in to the IRCTC website or the application. Make sure to log in a few minutes before you book your tatkal ticket.
  • Choose the train and the destination. You do not need to fill in the details again for the tatkal tickets as you can use it from the master list.

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A very important point to remember is that the time of booking AC tickets starts at 10 am and the time for sleeper tickets is from 11 am. Following these steps, you can get confirmed tatkal tickets.