Here’s Where To Try Mumbai’s Authentic Puranpoli In Delhi

by Dikshita
Here’s Where To Try Mumbai’s Authentic Puranpoli In Delhi

Known as puran puri in Gujarati, bobbattlu in Telugu, holige in Andhra Pradesh, obbattu in Kannada, and famously puranpoli in Maharasthra, the sweet flatbread remains on every Mumbaikar’s favourite food list.  After winning parts of Western and Southern India, puranpoli has made its appearance in the land of multicultural cuisines, Delhi. 

Besides vada pav, pav bhaji, and sev puri, the other go-to food option for Mumbai peeps is this 14th-century-old traditional delicacy.

Here’s Where To Find Puranpoli in Delhi

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Amidst the culture that Delhi represents, Dilli Haat INA is a tableau market offering various shopping and food options from across the country. Besides Nagaland, Rajasthan and other food stalls is the Maharasthra Food Stall serving puranpoli that will definitely satisfy your cravings. What makes Maharasthra Food Stall so famous is the authenticity and quality of food. The cherry on top is the affordable and reasonable prices.

Not only are the food options limited to puranpoli, but the stall also has a long menu of other Maharashtrian flatbreads which one cannot usually find anywhere else in Delhi. 

Other than the flatbreads, one can sip on the kokum soda that comes with immense health benefits. Kokum can cure acidity, improve digestion, aid weight loss and also elevate your mood. Moreover, you can also satisfy your shrikhand craving here which is served with four pooris, aloo sabzi and green chutney. 

You might also want to try the very fascinating pav bhaji pulao here, which would definitely be something new to savour.

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How To Make Puranpoli At Home?

Making puranpoli at home is as easy as good it tastes. Basically a sweet flatbread, it is made out of wheat flour and stuffed with split Bengal gram/ chana dal and jaggery mixture, but you can also replace it with sugar. Thus, in Marathi, the flatbread is called puran and the filling is called poli

Here is a video that’ll make the culinary very visual and simpler for you to follow: 

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This might have got you drooling puranpoli already. So, why not head to Maharashtra Food Stall and treat yourself to a sweet savoury?

Where: Maharashtra Food Stall, Stall 20, 4, Dilli Haat, INA, New Delhi

When: 11 AM to 9:30 PM

Cost: ₹200 for two ( approx.)

Cover image courtesy: Suchismita Pal and Wikimedia commons