Here’s Why Indian Students Prefer Ukraine For Medical Studies

by Suchismita Pal
Here’s Why Indian Students Prefer Ukraine For Medical Studies

Ever since the harrowing war broke between Russia and Ukraine, a large number of students are struggling to return to India from Ukraine. While some have been repatriated, many others are still stuck in the country. A fourth-year medical student from Karnataka studying in Ukraine even lost his life in one of the war shellings. To guard themselves against the explosions, these students are trying to find safe zones like bunkers and hostel corners for makeshift shelters. Some even proceeded to the border but were stopped from crossing it. They are withstanding the war situation now without proper food and water. Before the war, a large number of students had flown to Ukraine from India as the country is the hub for quality medical education.

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Why Do Indian Students Prefer Studying In Ukraine?

1. Colleges Are GHC Recognised

The medical colleges in Ukraine have received recognition from the Global Health Council as well as the Indian Medical Council. Thus, the degrees achieved from these colleges are applicable in India as well.

2. Highest Quality Medical Education

The colleges provide the highest quality medical education.

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3. Cheaper Tuition Fees

Medical study is one of the most prestigious fields of education. But in India, a Medical degree is highly expensive. Ukrainian private medical colleges charge cheaper tuition fees than private colleges in India.

4. No Entrance Exams

Getting a medical seat in India requires cracking many challenging examinations. On the other hand, not all colleges in Ukraine conduct entrance tests.


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According to a Newsflicks report, Naveen Shekharappa Gyanagoudar, who lost his life in the war, couldn’t get a medical seat in India despite scoring 97% in Class 12, as told by his father. So, he went to Kharkiv National Medical University for pursuing his studies. Unfortunately, he became a prey to the conflict.