Here’s Why Radhika Apte Never Has To Switch On Her AC In Mumbai | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Here’s Why Radhika Apte Never Has To Switch On Her AC In Mumbai | Curly Tales

When it comes to a Bollywood actress talking with an open heart and having super candid vibes, it has to be none other than Radhika Apte. She is the guest on the latest episode of ‘Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey’ and she revealed a lot of stories with Curly Tales Chief Editor Kamiya Jani and Siddharth Aalambayan of Mashable India. Keep reading to know what the Vikram Vedha actress shared in the fun interview while exploring Mumbai on Skoda Kushaq Monte Carlo.

Radhika Apte Never Switches On Her AC In Mumbai

Radhika Apte

‘Spending a day without an AC’: this sentence can make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Living in a city like Mumbai without AC can get really difficult, especially in the humid summer season. Well, AC doesn’t really matter to Radhika. Surprising right? The actress shared, ‘I never have ACs on. Never! I actually forget to put a fan on.’ Radhika’s home features a massive window, the size of a wall and it does the job of a fan or an AC beautifully. She shared, ‘My entire wall is open. It is a big window so it’s always open.’

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Did You Know When Was The First Time She Came To Mumbai?

Radhika came to Mumbai for the first time in 2005 and she was in the City of Dreams for about a month. She stayed in her friend’s house in Goregaon and crashed into her friend’s sofa for some time. This was the time when she started her journey in the industry of acting and performing. She also travelled and commuted on the BEST bus No. 40 to reach Dadar TT. She settled in this city much later in her career. In the initial days of her career, she was also in Mumbai for her Bollywood movie Shor In The City.

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Listening to Radhika speaking candidly and sharing her stories and experiences is such a great way to spend your time and consume some amazing content. Watch this latest episode to know more about her and surely let us know how you liked it.

Cover Image Credit- Instagram/ Radhika Apte