HH Sheikh Mohammed Visit Bee Cafe, The First Coffee Shop Run By People Of Determination In Abu Dhabi

by Deeplata Garde
HH Sheikh Mohammed Visit Bee Cafe, The First Coffee Shop Run By People Of Determination In Abu Dhabi

There’s a lot to love about UAE and it never stops giving us reasons to fall for it more. Apart from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is a city to support people of determination by providing services & provisions. Apart from this, Abu Dhabi was the first city in UAE to open a cafe that is operated by employees that are differently abled. HH Sheikh Mohammed recently paid a visit to meet the people of determination who run this coffee shop.

Bee Cafe Had A Royal Guest At The World Government Summit

The Bee Café in Zayed Higher Organization for Persons of Determination in Abu Dhabi is a bright, airy room with modern furnishings and delicious coffee. Yet, the staff’s honesty is unquestionably what makes this cafe genuinely exceptional.

The Bee Café is the first eatery in the UAE that is totally run by tenacious people and had its preliminary launch in 2019.

The Cafe had a kiosk that was becoming the talk of the town at The World Government Summit, which recently concluded. And royalty itself graced its presence at this kiosk. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai stopped by the Bee Cafe kiosk at the conference.

The Bee Café offers a large selection of speciality coffee drinks made by dedicated individuals, such as cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites, as well as a selection of nutritious snacks, such as vegan cookies. The Café acts as a venue to spread awareness of the contributions that tenacious people make to society in a variety of contexts.

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Bee Cafe Is Part Of The Bee The Change Campaign Of UAE Run By People Of Determination

Post its launch in 2019, Bee Cafe went on to hold its exterior branch in The Department of Health’s Abu Dhabi offices in 2021. Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, a non-profit government organisation holds responsibility for the operations of this famous cafe.

Remember the Bee the Change campaign? Yes if you connected the dots ( or the ‘bees’) you are going in the right direction. Bee Cafe was part of this initiative. This mentioned campaign works on increasing the employment of people of determination on a national and international level.

The distinctive coffee shop also exemplifies the UAE leadership’s dedication to integrating hardworking individuals from all walks of life. This is so they can make equal contributions to the economy and society.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Dubai Media Office