Himachal Pradesh: Incessant Rainfall & Landslides Claim 71 Lives In The Last 3 Days Alone

by Shreya Ghosh
Himachal Pradesh: Incessant Rainfall & Landslides Claim 71 Lives In The Last 3 Days Alone

Heavy rainfall and poor weather conditions continue to wreak havoc in Himachal Pradesh. From damaging properties to taking away lives, the destruction that the state is facing is simply massive and heartbreaking. Continuous downpour for days is leading to landslides at places, blocking roads, railway stations, and creating life-threatening problems. The state is suffering from immense tragedies because of scary natural calamities.

Over 70 People Died In Himachal Pradesh In The Past Couple Of Days

Taking to the social media platform ‘X’, Sidharth Shukla (@sidhshuk) shared terrifying clips of the Krishna Nagar landslide.

The present situation looks very grim in this state. It is raining incessantly for the past few days and it is leading to new problems and destructions all around. 71 people have died due to the ongoing catastrophic landslides. Hundreds and thousands are facing the worst and scariest sides of the monsoon season. With landslides hitting places at any moment, it is becoming extremely horrifying to even step outside.

Himachal Pradesh has already faced a major loss of an estimation of 10,000 crores this monsoon season, according to a report by The Times of India. The state is suffering from such deadly natural calamities since July. Heavy rainfall for a few weeks and uncountable landslides have completely destroyed the place.

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“A Mountain-Like Challenge”, Says Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister stated about the terrible losses faced by the state this monsoon season. On Wednesday, he said that these natural calamities have already caused a loss of about 10,000 crores and the state would need about a year for redeveloping all the damaged infrastructure. Calling it a ‘mountain-like challenge’ he said that the state is going to start restoring everything.

The Chief Minister also blamed the construction process and improper structural design of the properties by migrant architects for these landslides and impacts, according to a report by Indian Express.

Landslides are killing people and destroying roads, houses, shops, and more. In view of such scary events taking all around, the schools in Shimla have been shut on Thursday. Transportation is getting scarier every day with the growing chances of rain-triggered landslides.

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The state is going throwing one of the darkest times. If you are in Himachal right now, stay safe and indoors.

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