Hindus Observe Muharram In This Karnataka Village & Here’s The Reason Behind It

by Sanjana Shenoy
Hindus Observe Muharram In This Karnataka Village & Here’s The Reason Behind It

Harlapur village in Saudatti taluk, Karnataka doesn’t have a single Muslim family, yet the village has been observing Muharram for the past 11 years. Hindus raised funds and built a dargah of ‘Fakeer Swamy’  in the village. Every year the villagers observe Muharram that marks the new Islamic year. While the event took place at lowkey due to the Covid-19 situation, it complied with all guidelines. So, why do the Hindus of Harlapur village observe Muharram? Well, read on to find out.

Hindus In Karnataka’s Harlapur Village Built A Dargah & Observe Muharram For Decades

This year, just like others, 3500 people of the Harlapur village observe Muharram for decades. They prepared  ‘panja’ and installed it at the Fakeer Swamy dargah. This was followed by a procession, special prayer and puja. According to The New Indian Express, a Hindu priest performs puja at the dargah ever since its inception. The reason behind Harlapur village having a strong connection with Muharram lies in a neem tree that resides on the premises of the dargah. This neem tree is believed to be a life saviour for anyone who suffers from a snakebite.

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hindus observe muharram in karnataka village
Picture Credits: indiarailinfo.com

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 Neem Tree In Dargah Premises Known To Cure Snake Bite

The New Indian Express reports that the villagers prepare a juice using the neem leaf and offer it as a cure for snakebite. The snake bite gets cured within 2 hours. In fact, snakebite victims from Gadag and Dharwad districts of the state also visit the spiritual dargah. Goudappa Adiveppa Vakkund, the priest reveals to TNIE, that they have great faith and devotion for Allah. This year during Muharram they prayed to Allah to eradicate the Covid pandemic for society’s well being.  A villager, Ravi Chulaki said that Harlapur with a population of 3500 celebrates Muharram for decades. There’s a strong belief that wishes come true for any devotee who visits the dargah. Meanwhile, here are 8 unknown facts about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.