Holiday Home, In The Heart Of Shimla, Once Belonged To The Nawab Of Lahore & Has Historic Items

Time to go back to history at this beautiful 1870 heritage bungalow owned by Nawab Of Lahore back in the days

by Ankita Mazumdar
Holiday Home, In The Heart Of Shimla, Once Belonged To The Nawab Of Lahore & Has Historic Items

There’s  a heritage holiday home in Shimla that is steeped in history because it was once the house of Nawab of Lahore! Nawab of Lahore walked these same rooms and now you can do it as well! All while feeling ike a Nawab! The current owner, Sukhdeep, has maintained the decor to a Nawabi style with grand windows looking out to the forests of Shimla. The beautiful stay has so much more to offer.

This Holiday Home In Shimla Belonged To The Nawab Of Lahore

Nawab Of Lahore
Image Credits: Airbnb/Heritage Bungalow

This heritage holiday home in Shimla is a unique one from all the other bungalows. It is located in the heart of Shimla, you can step into the history of the 1870s. One of the unique things about this holiday home is that it was owned by the Nawab of Lahore, back in the day. Along with this historic link, many generational objects that have worn out with time are on display here.

The bungalow is nestled right into the lush green forest with a perfect forest trail. Taking a calming walk along this forest trail will bring you calmness because you are engaging with nature at its peak. The Delhiites will definitely feel at peace and breathe the cleanest air in Shimla. You will keep your memories treasured here just like the treasured things here.

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Every Corner Has Some Passed Down Treasures Through The Generations

Nawab Of Lahore
Image Credits: Airbnb/Heritage Bungalow

You will be very much in a comfortable environment inside and outside this heritage holiday home in Shimla. There are corners of this house that have images of people who have served the country and some family pictures. While others are worn out with time yet treasured with love. The entire house is plastered with pictures and historical items. One of them is the house being owned by Nawab Of Lahore.

This heritage holiday home in Shimla definitely has a charm that will make you visit it as soon as possible. Isn’t it fascinating to think that the same trail which you will be taking, Nawab Of Lahore once took the same path to enjoy some fresh air on an evening walk? The world and its history are fascinating at times. If you like to know more about some history, then Sukhdeep and his wife live at the property and you can reach out to them. They like to have great conversations with guests.

How To Reach?

Nawab Of Lahore
Image Credits: Airbnb/Heritage Bungalow

The neighbourhood area of the heritage holiday home in Shimla is St. Bede’s College. So driving up from New Delhi is about seven and a half hours which is 346 km away.  The nearest airport is only 20 km away, Shimla Airport which takes less than an hour. The Shimla Railway Station is the nearest one if you plan to travel by railway. The distance from the station to Chotta Shimla is 4.1 km, you can take a local cab or bus transportation to your destination.

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Want to live at the house previously owned by Nawab Of Lahore? Click here to book your stay now.

Where: Navbhahar, Chotta Shimla, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
Check-out Time: Before 12 PM
Cost: ₹15,000/night

Cover Image Credits: Airbnb/Heritage Bungalow

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