Honey Singh Loves Spending Time With People And Not Locations Or Places

Honey Singh has never seen Burj Khalifa!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Honey Singh Loves Spending Time With People And Not Locations Or Places

Honey Singh, one of the greatest Indian rappers of our generation, was on a hiatus for nine long years and made a comeback with the song ‘KALAASTAR’ last year. On this episode of Tere Gully Mein, our anchor, Arohi Thatte, made him try many authentic dishes of Maharashtra while chatting about his life, music career and more. Check out the entire video to listen to him sing his catchy old songs.

Honey Singh Enjoys Spending Quality Time With People

We were discussing Honey Singh’s travel experiences when he mentioned that he never really explored or visited any touristy spots despite being all over the world. He said, “I love to spend time with people and not locations or places.”

Honey Singh disclosed that at the end of the day, he writes music which is bound to inspire and connect with millions of people. To do so, first, he has to connect himself with the people around him and have some fascinating interactions.

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Through conversations, he can grasp the understanding of cultures as well as human psychology utilised. His observation skills along with the way he expresses are outstanding. Even he is aware that through his immense observation skills, individuals all around the world can relate to his songs.

He Shared This Incident About ‘Blue Eyes’

Tere Gully Mein Honey Singh
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We were on the way to Andheri’s Thorat’s Barbeque Misal in an auto when Honey Singh donated some money to a beggar. Sharing a similar incident which happened almost 10 years ago, he told us that a beggar didn’t know the correct words to his popular song ‘Blue Eyes’. He said that she kept singing the wrong lyrics “not eyes, not eyes” instead of blue eyes.

Honey was taken aback by her understanding of this song and the way she had butchered his perfectly put-together lyrics. He gave her some money and said, “Yeh kya gaa rahe hai?” We do not know if he corrected her lyrics.

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Comment down below if you can still do the rap section of ‘Blue Eyes’.

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