Honey Singh Shares His Recipe For Creating Viral Music

Honey Singh observes the world around him and pens down his thoughts, adds a magical beat and boom, a viral is produced.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Honey Singh Shares His Recipe For Creating Viral Music

Yo Yo Honey Singh needs no introduction, as his songs paved the way for him. From Angreji Beat to his latest comeback song, KALAASTAR, he has come a long way. If you still go crazy when his songs are blasting over the speakers at a club, then samesies! On this exciting episode of Tere Gully Mein, our anchor, Arohi Thatte, and Honey explored the lanes of Seven Bungalows in Andheri, Mumbai. He shared that he observes people and things happening around him that give him those viral lyrics and beats. And we can’t stop jamming to those!

Honey Singh Shares How He Made His Viral Hits

We wanted to know about the magic behind the hits that he gave one after the other. He gave a very simple answer in reply, “Logo ke beech mein se.” Honey told us that he noticed different conversations, the way people talk, languages, slang, and more. He even gave us a tiny peek into how he came up with the idea for his hit song from his album, International Villager. It was Dope Shope!

He said that he saw girls smoking joints in Delhi back in 2009 and then he was inspired to write the lyrics for Dope Shope, ‘enna vi naa dope shope maareya karo’. We could feel the nostalgia hitting us. Just catching a glimpse of some girls smoking joints in Delhi became the inspiration for this song. Talent, honey, talent!

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What Else Inspired Him For Songs?

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We brought Honey Singh to Thorat’s Barbeque Misal for some authentic misal pav for the first time. Not gonna lie, he had some firsts with Curly Tales and we couldn’t be prouder! He told us that he always prefers to enjoy and spend quality time with the people, not the locations he is at. In turn, the people and the intriguing conversations inspire him to have viral lyrics.

How does he end up connecting with millions of people? Well, he shared that it is only possible when he understands the daily life of human psychology along with cultures. His ability to observe and articulate as a rapper is a great one. He elaborated by saying that people from Mumbai to Canada could relate to his songs because they were probably about them.

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Comment down below if you have ever composed or written a song for anyone.

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