Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In Middle East For 2020

by Saniya
Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations In Middle East For 2020

Newly married or planning to tie the knot soon? Then we’re sure you’re scouting for romantic getaways for your honeymoon. The Middle East, though not a classic choice, has a whole new world to be explored by you and your loved one. If you fancy a honeymoon seasoned with some touristy destinations with a dash of romance, the Middle East is a great option.

The UAE has a diverse list of cities offering stunning skylines, and rich history and culture. Here’s where you must honeymoon with your partner in the UAE.

1. Zighy Bay, Oman

Six Senses Zighy Bay
Six Senses Zighy Bay (Source:

This is a breathtaking sight in the Musandam governate of Oman. It has picturesque landscapes and emerald waters lining the bay to a luxurious resort offering private villas perfect for a honeymoon. This makes Zighy Bay such a must explore for honeymoon for couples. The privacy it offers and the engaging water activities at disposal make it a perfect honeymoon destination in the Middle East.

2. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el sheikh honeymoon
Sharm El Sheikh

This one has been a popular choice for honeymoon amongst young couples in the Middle East. It has stunning resorts dotting the beautiful Red Sea and coral reefs to be explored. This makes Sharm El Sheikh a perfect beach wedding destination, as well as a honeymoon getaway. Take your partner to dine by the Naama Bay. Or just enjoy the scenic beauty, there is so much to do in this now robust metropolitan city.

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Want to head to a destination where you can go on a shopping spree in the day and relax into privacy by night? Dubai is an excellent holidaying destination for its adventurous offerings like theme parks, water sports, etc. as well as for its luxurious, relaxing getaway options. So if you are looking for a winter honeymoon, Dubai, with its local bazaars, great nightlife, and historical attractions, may be just what a wholesome honeymoon holiday might be.

4. Beirut, Lebanon

Honeymoon in Lebanon

Here’s a city that offers everything you can ask for- buzzing beaches, metropolis culture, historical sights, and great food! So if you and your sweeter half are foodies, or just want something more upbeat instead of retreating to the rooms, then Beirut might just be for you. From the ruins of Baalbeck to the trip to Jeita Grotto, there is a lot to be explored. Not to forget the awe-inspiring beaches that lace the city, this is a great option for honeymoon too!

5. Petra, Jordan

Honeymoon in Petra

The ancient town of Petro is much more than the archaeological site it is famous for. Also known as the Rose City, the city is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls and hot springs you can imagine. Despite being a desert land, wildflowers dot the city and have some magnificent wadis to be explored by you. So get lost amidst the valleys with your partner and dip your fit into the many waterfalls in Petra. Petra is one place that’s away from the city bustle.