Musandam In Oman: 8 Reasons Why It Has To Be On Your Bucket List

by Saniya
Musandam In Oman: 8 Reasons Why It Has To Be On Your Bucket List

Located 192 km away from Dubai, Musandam Governorate of Oman is a must-visit getaway. Take a dhow cruise from Dibba or drive down to Musandam on your own and enjoy this peninsular beauty with all its coastal activities. Here are eight reasons we think Musandam must absolutely be on your bucket list.

1. Dhow Cruise Through The Fjords

Witness the spectacular Fjords in the Musandam as you cruise through the terrain in a traditional Dhow cruise. Enjoy the crashing waves and clear blue waters, as you relax in the Arabian styled majlis with a full Arabic buffet at your service. Additionally, you can also cruise from Dibba to add to your experience while cutting down on the drive time.

Dhow cruise in Musandam in Oman
Dhow Cruise in Musandam Waters (Credit:

2. Dive, Swim & Snorkel

Jump into the sea from high terrains or swim through the crystal clear deep waters. Enjoy a snorkeling experience hunting down underwater glories of the sea. Moreover, you can also discover the marine life in this part of the world with an underwater adventure. We know you will have the time of your life.

Snorkeling in Musandam
Snorkeling in Musandam (Source:

3. Canyoning

We love the tricky terrains that surround this blue beauty of an ocean. And the best way to enjoy the Wadi experience in Musandam is to get hold of your Canyoning gear and dive into the waters. Wadi Shab and Wadi Rawdah await your canyoning experience/

Snake Canyon

4. Paraglide Or Microlight At The Zighy Bay

One look at the exotic pictures of Zighy Bay, you know a sky-high view of this one is a visual treat. And what best way to breathe in the picturesque views other than a paragliding experience. This Internationally renowned paragliding destination awaits you.

Zighy Bay in Musandam
Zighy Bay Musandam (Source: Six Senses)

5. Dance With The Dolphins

Watch the dolphins dancing in Oman’s oceanic waters in Musandam. Take a boat ride to watch them up close or sail around them to see the Humpback Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins in full glory.

Dolphins at Musandam
Dolphins at Musandam (Source: Trip Advisor)

6. Camp And Trek The Mountains

Get your camping accessories loaded and spend a night in the mountains stargazing far away from the bustle of the city or trek the mountains. Jabal Al Harim and Jabal Bil Ays serve for the perfect camping weekend with your friends.

Camping (Source: Khasabmusandamtours)

7. Immerse Yourself In The Omani Culture 

Take a visit to the Khasab Fort and experience the Omani culture like never before. Dating back to the 17th century, this historic settlement at the North of Musandam is the perfect outing for cultural enthusiasts.

Khasab Fort
Khasab Fort

8. Hassle-Free Visa And Luxury Stay

UAE residents get On-Arrival visa with a 3-month valid passport for a total of AED 85 per passport, so you know this one is an easy option. Additionally, you can also stay in one of the luxurious resorts at Zighy Bay- Six Senses Zighy Bay , enjoying the scenic beauty with private pools and outdoor showers.

Six Senses Zighy Bay
Six Senses Zighy Bay (Source:

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