Hot Chocolate On Wheels! This Brand Is Selling Gluten-Free, Vegan Hot Chocolate On India’s Streets

Hot Choc by fOOdity serves gluten-free and vegan hot chocolate.

by Shreya Ghosh
Hot Chocolate On Wheels! This Brand Is Selling Gluten-Free, Vegan Hot Chocolate On India’s Streets

People, how’s the josh? It’s too cold and no one is in the mood to leave blankets and step outside. Unfortunately, that’s not the solution and everyone needs to do their daily work, even in this shivering winter season. While we cannot spend the entire day sitting in a cosy corner, we can surely enjoy the season relishing some winter-special food. What better than a cup of hot chocolate in winter?

Hot Choc Sells Hot Chocolate On A Nano

Cafes and shops are selling hot chocolate in probably every other lane in most cities. If you are looking for one of the best and undoubtedly the most unique places to sip on this delish beverage, we have a great recommendation. Just some time back, Foodity Private Limited launched Hot Choc in Delhi. Its launching location was the famous Connaught Place. It is a one-of-a-kind beginning that serves appetising hot chocolate in a healthier version.

After launching and getting sold out in Delhi, Hot Choc headed to Ahmedabad last Sunday with 1000 cups of hot chocolate. Looks like it was a massive success as the spot was thronged by customers waiting to enjoy the beverage. Hot Choc had to restore milk packets twice and also brought cocoa from the farms again to make and serve more cups rich in deliciousness.

After winning hearts in Delhi and Ahmedabad, Hot Choc by fOOdity is planning to go on a journey to Mumbai. The easiest way to find Hot Choc in the crowd is to spot a nano car as the owner offers the yummy beverage while settling everything inside a nano car.

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What Are The Must-Try Options?

There are tons of brands selling hot chocolate all around us but what makes Hot Choc so special? Apart from selling the beverage on a nano, the brand serves vegan, gluten-free, and 100 per cent natural hot chocolate and offers a guilt-free experience. Costing just ₹100 per cup, some of its flavours are Caramel, Hazelnut, Mexican Spiced, Mocha, and Swiss vanilla.

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Are you excited for Hot Choc to come to your city so that you can take a sip of the delectable hot chocolate too?

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