How To Make Chilli Sauce At Home: 10 Recipes

by Vinita Jain
How To Make Chilli Sauce At Home: 10 Recipes

Chili peppers are great for those who want to add some spice to their dishes. Instead of using chili flakes, chili oil, or chili paste, you can also use chili sauce. Chili sauce is sweet, savoury, and tangy, which makes it a great spread for frankies, sandwiches, wraps, and most importantly, for Chinese cuisine. Here are some recipes for green and red chili sauce at home. Take a look.

1. Cook with Parul

Check out the recipe for red chili sauce, green chili sauce, and soya sauce. Increase the flavour in your chinese food by adding these sauces in it.

2. Masala Kitchen

Masala Kitchen brings the recipe for chili sauce. This is an extreme simple recipe for market-style chili sauce that can be made in just 5-10 minutes.

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3. Kunal Kapur

If you’ll also love spicy food then here’s the recipe for a spicy Chinese chili sauce.

4. MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria

Master Chef Pankaj shares the recipe for market-style green chili sauce and red chili sauce. You can also check out the recipe for a soya sauce substitute.

5. Yummy

Check out two delicious recipes for chili sauce. The first recipe uses dried red peppers cooked thick with garlic, sugar, vinegar, and salt. The second recipe uses chili flakes. This sweet chili sauce which can be made in 2-3 minutes.

6. Kunal Kapur

Increase the spice level in your Chinese meals by adding this hot garlic sauce. Check out the recipe for the same on Kunal Kapur’s youtube channel.

7. Preet DIY

Make red chili sauce using dry and fresh red chilis in just 10-12 minutes.

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8. Samina’s Kitchen Tips

Make green chili sauce at home using thick green chilis, garlic, and ginger.

9. Preet DIY

Preet DIY also brings the recipe for green chili sace. They use thin green chilis in order to increase the spice level.

10. Poonam’s Veg Kitchen

Poonam’s Veg Kitchen shares the step-to-step process of making spicy and fiery red chili sauce at home.

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