How To Make Nagpur-Style Poha At Home

by Vinita Jain
How To Make Nagpur-Style Poha At Home

Poha is a regular simple breakfast that is relished in every Indian household. But, are you aware of the spicy and flavorful Nagpuri-style Poha? Nagpuri Tarri Poha is one of a kind. This exclusive poha is made by adding an intense chana-based sauce flavored with tarri into the regular Kanda poha. The tarri adds spice and flavors to the basic Poha. The tarri gets the spice from spicy Kala masala, chana masala, or garam masala. Do try your hands on this scrumptious and fiery Nagpur-style poha. Check out some recipes for making Nagpur-style poha at home.

1. Your Food Lab

Chef Sanjyot Keer shares the Nagpur special Poha recipe. He shows how to serve the basic  Kanda-poha with the piping-hot tarri on top.

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2. Honest Kitchen

Check out this recipe of Nagpur-special tarri poha with the street-style touch.

3. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

To make your regular and basic poha special, learn to make a black chickpea curry. Top the poha with the chickpea curry, some finely chopped onions, and nylon sev.

4. Part Time Cooking

Check out this super-easy recipe of Nagpur-style Poha. Take a break from your regular poha breakfast and make this super-delicious recipe for your family.


Relish your simple Kanda poha with a fiery Tarri on top. This Nagpur-special recipe is the perfect breakfast option to kickstart your weekend.

6. Ruchkar Mejwani

Chef Archana Arte shows the process of making Nagpur-style Tarri Poha at home in Marathi. In case, you don’t know Marathi the detailed subtitles are a savior. This dish will make your day.

7. I Love Cooking- Kirti Mutkure

If you’re a fan of spices and flavors then check out this recipe of flavorful tarri that compliments your poha.

8. MadhurasRecipe Marathi

Another Marathi channel shows us to make the authentic Nagpur-special Tarri poha. Refer to the subtitles in case of any language barrier.

9. Indian Foodiez

If you want to learn to make Tarri-poha at home then don’t miss this exclusive recipe.

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