How To Make Restaurant-Style Chicken Lollipop At Home

by Sanmita A
How To Make Restaurant-Style Chicken Lollipop At Home

We all enjoy a nice, gorgeous plate of chicken lollipops. And, it is a bonus when it tastes all restaurant-style. It is all we can think of when we wish to enjoy starters or non-vegetarian snacks. And, the best part about chicken lollipop is that it can be made easily at home and you do not have to head to an eatery or order all the time.

Take a look at these restaurant-style recipes that you can easily experiment with –

1. Recipe By Spice Eats

This recipe of your favourite chicken will leave your guests impressed! This will work wonders as starters and you will be surprised at how quickly they vanish.

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2. Recipe By Kunal Kapur

This is hands down the best recipe of chicken lollipop and you can trust the recipe considering it is Chef Kunal Kapur’s. You will eventually stop ordering in if you can nail this recipe.

3. Recipe By Chef Ranveer Brar

Another mind-blowing recipe by the popular chef, Ranveer Brar. This recipe is a different version of a chicken lollipop that is made with fillings. Try it out and surprise your friends.

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4. Recipe By Chef Sanjyot Keer

You will enjoy the cooking process while making these delicious chicken lollipops. And yes, the Chef here, also pairs it up with awesome chutneys and sauces. Check out more follow up recipes to cook the perfect dish.

5. Recipe By Varun Inamdar

This chef this going to give a masala flavour to the chicken lollipops. In this video, you will even find how to cut the chicken to give the shape of lollipops. Watch the video to know more –

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