How To Make Restaurant-Style Fancy Sandwiches At Home

by Sanmita A
How To Make Restaurant-Style Fancy Sandwiches At Home

Be it whipping out a quick snack or preparing something grand, give your sandwich a twist to make it fancy or keep it all simple. Versatile and delicious – the good old sandwich is everyone’s comfort food. Sandwiches do not require you to be a professional cook, but just a little bit creative to add that extra bit of deliciousness. The flexibility to curate this dish according to one’s likes is what makes it a hit amongst professional and amateur cooks. In this post, we bring such simple, yet special restaurant-style fancy sandwich recipes that you can prepare quickly!

1. Fancy Sandwich Recipe By Bhoomi’s Quick Recipes

The beauty of preparing sandwiches is that you can curate the ingredients at your own convenience. Make it an easy one, or even go full restaurant-style and fancy – make your sandwich at home according to your mood.

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2. Mumbai-Style Recipe By Your Food Lab

Sandwiches are the most English – yet we Indians don’t fear adding our own twist to spice it up according to our tastes. Well, give this Mumbai Veg Grill sandwich a try!

3. Spicy Paneer Naan Sandwich By Chef Ranveer Brar

You might think of sandwiches as a simple option to serve to your guests. But how about your make this fancy, innovative sandwich recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar? We guarantee that your guests will leave super impressed!

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4. Sandwich Recipes By Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita cooked up six varied types of recipes for her followers. And being a mother, she also tells the sandwiches which can be a hit among kids too. Take a look –

5. Chef Kunal Kapur’s Restaurant-Style Chicken Cheese Sandwich Recipe

Well, this sandwich recipe is for the ones who cannot live without gorging on delicious no-vegetarian food. Chef Kunal Kapur makes this recipe with chicken that will let you enjoy sandwiches just like you do at cafes. We won’t be surprised if you only prepare this dish at home after watching this recipe –

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