How To Make Kolkata-Style Mughlai Paratha At Home

by Sanmita A
How To Make Kolkata-Style Mughlai Paratha At Home

Kolkata and mouthwatering food have been in a relationship for a long time now. If you visit the city, there’s no way, you won’t notice the love for food the city folks have. Irrespective of the cuisine type, there is absolutely no kind of food that you won’t find in this city. It surprises you with its enormity and there is always something new to discover when you’re there! Enough said, Kolkata is enough for its biryani, Kathi rolls, puchkas, Mughlai parathas and so much more. So, today, we bring to you a carefully curated list of Mughlai Paratha recipes which you can try at home –

1. Recipe By Shampa’s Kitchen

This recipe is tried and tested by many users and they love the way this dish turns out. Also, the Mughlai paratha is popular street food in Kolkata, so if you want to know how rich the food tastes in the city, try it here!

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2. Recipe By Chef Ranveer Brar

Filled with the most delicious egg and meat fillings, this version of Mughlai paratha is every foodie’s dream. Try this popular recipe Chef Brar and up your cooking skills.

3. Recipe By Rajshri Food

Well, this Mughlai paratha recipe is made of paneer stuffing and will be a great option for vegetarians. We’re sure this recipe will do justice to the taste of this dish. Try out & let us know.

4. Recipe By Kabita’s Kitchen

There are millions of ways to experiment with dishes and Kabita’s recipes are top-notch in providing solutions despite your cooking style or food preferences. We love how she prepares the dish here & think you must give it a try to! This lady knows food.

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