How To Spend 48 Hours In Ayodhya: Things To Do, To Eat, To Shop

Ayodhya offers some of the most delectable dishes and has many amazing tourist attractions that you should not miss!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
How To Spend 48 Hours In Ayodhya: Things To Do, To Eat, To Shop

Every time someone mentions Ayodhya, what comes to mind? Ramayan? Lord Ram? Ok, these days Ram Mandir, the airport, and maybe the railway station. But Ayodhya is actually more than one of India’s seven sacred cities. The city offers some of the most delectable dishes and has many amazing tourist attractions that you should not miss! And also, there are places where you can satisfy your shopaholic mind. But where, what, and how? Well, do not worry, because we have your back. Although 48 hours will never be enough to explore this place, here’s how you can spend it the best way!

How To Spend 48 Hours In Ayodhya

If you are flying from Delhi to Ayodhya, Air India Express has daily flights to the city. The commercial services will begin on January 6. If you are flying from Mumbai, IndiGo will be offering direct flight services from January 15 to the city. If you are travelling from Bengaluru, Air India Express will be commencing flights from the city from January 17. 

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Day 1

Day 1: Morning
Begin your day early in the morning by visiting Ram Janmabhoomi. It is believed that Lord Rama was born here. So if you are in Ayodhya, how can you miss this place? The main temple is still under construction, so maybe you can visit it after the temple’s consecration ceremony is conducted on January 22. 

After visiting this sacred temple space, the next place you can visit is the beautiful Kanak Bhawan. In Ayodhya, Kanak Bhawan is located northeast of Ram Janam Bhumi, Ramkot. One of Ayodhya’s most beautiful and well-known temples, Kanak Bhawan, is a must-see. It is believed that Kaikei gave Devi Sita this bhawan right away upon her union with Lord Ram. Devi Sita and Lord Rama have a private palace like this. 

Day 1: Afternoon
You can visit the famous Moti Mahal Delux for a satisfying lunch. 

Day 1: Evening
The Hanuman Garhi Temple, which houses shrines devoted to the main deity Hanuman, is designed like a four-sided fort with circular ramparts at each corner. The garbha griha, which is decorated with silver carvings, is located at the top of the 76 stairs that lead to the main temple. There are three finely carved doors in the centre entrance to the inner chamber. Inside, a 6-inch figure of Hanuman in his childlike (Bal) form sits on his mother Anjani’s lap. 

You can visit Guptar Ghat, which is peacefully situated beside the Sarayu River. Before being crowned, Lord Rama is said to have taken a dip in this location. It is made up of several Ghats that are kept in good condition. They were constructed in the early part of the 1800s by Raja Darshan Singh.

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Day 2

Day 2: Morning
You can grab a quick breakfast at the famous Shri Ram Chaat Bhandar and begin your day. There are many parks in Ayodhya that are worth visiting. One of these is the Hanuman Udyaan. With so much greenery around, your morning will surely be blissful. 

Now visit the Tulsi Smarak Bhavan Museum. A substantial collection of Tulsidas’ literary works may be found at this renowned museum in Ayodhya. Furthermore, the museum is also renowned for hosting devotional concerts, prayer meetings, and religious lectures. The Ayodhya Shodh Sansthan research centre is located within the Tulsi Smarak Bhavan complex. In addition, this Ayodhya must-see location has a library with a fantastic display of Ramayana artwork and crafts as well as a recitation of the Rama Katha. 

Day 2: Afternoon
You can visit the nearby local restaurants or the known Baba Ramdev Dhaba for a fulfilling lunch. 

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Day 2: Evening
Reserve your evening for some shopping and visit the Ayodhya market. The most sought-after things to be purchased from this store include images of temples, t-shirts with religious designs, idols of Ram and Sita, and other devotional items. Taking a leisurely stroll through the city market’s small passageways is a delightful experience that gives you the chance to browse some of the exquisite brassware, textiles, and zari items.

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Do let us know if you head to this sacred place!

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