Huma Qureshi Has Picked Up Mumbai Slangs Like “Moushi” & “Aye Boss” | Curly Tales

by Ananya Singh
Huma Qureshi Has Picked Up Mumbai Slangs Like “Moushi” & “Aye Boss” | Curly Tales

Always honest about her views about the world, actress Huma Qureshi spoke to Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, in this Sunday Brunch episode. Actress Huma Qureshi has been entertaining fans with her acting abilities in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Dedh Ishqiya, Monica, O My Darling, and many others. Indulging in a conversation,  she revealed how she adopted the Mumbaiya language while working in Bollywood.

Huma Qureshi On Mumbai Slangs

Delhi’s food vs Mumbai’s food is a debate that has been going on for ages. While Huma was born and brought up in Delhi, Mumbai is now her home. So naturally, she would be the best person to settle this battle. When Kamiya asked her which city has better food, Mumbai or Delhi, Huma answered, “Mumbai is home, and I cannot live in any other city in the world but here. But khana Delhi ka thoda better hai.” The duo laughed the diplomatic answer off and hoped that this doesn’t fuel a war between the representatives of the two cities!

In the interview, Huma Qureshi addressed the culture shock she faced when she moved from Delhi to Mumbai. On learning new words, the actress said, “Sabse pehle toh ‘Aye Boss.’ I also picked up some marathi words like ‘manjhe.’ I call people ‘Moushi’ out of love, while in Delhi, people do a lot of behen or didi. But here it is, moushi.” She also shared that she has picked up a lot of slang from her kaamwali bai. Her favourite is “Atta maaji satakli.”

Sugar Or Spice?

Huma Qureshi
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The conversation turned more fun with a game. In this segment, Kamiya gave Huma choices between two alternatives. When asked if she prefers cold or hot weather, she picked cold. Between beaches and mountains, the actress shared that she would like to stay near the beach now as she spent most of her childhood in the mountains. While the actress chooses dinner dates over party nights, she likes guys in white casuals. Boys, take note!

The actress always carries three things in her purse: mascara, lip balm and a matt powder or compact.

While this was only a glimpse into her life, don’t forget to watch the full video to know more!

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