Hurricane Beryl: 7 Dead In Southeast Caribbean; Storm Hits Jamaica

Hurricane Beryl destroyed the affected regions in the Caribbean.

by Shreya Ghosh
Hurricane Beryl: 7 Dead In Southeast Caribbean; Storm Hits Jamaica

Have you heard about Hurricane Beryl? It sounds familiar, right? Hurricane Beryl is the reason behind the postponement of the Indian T20 cricket team’s return to India. Strong storms and heavy rainfall are hammering the affected regions. People are sustaining injuries, losing belongings, and properties getting damaged with the unfortunate loss of lives of locals. The impacts are devastating and heartwrenching.

Hurricane Beryl Is Rushing Close To The Cayman Islands

Social media platforms are filled with videos of the storm, waterlogged regions, frightening damages, and scary visuals of harmed places.

Gusty winds and massive downpours hit Caribbean islands recently. The powerful Atlantic hurricane damaged Jamaica terribly. According to a report by CNN, this is considered the strongest storm witnessed by Jamaica in the past 15 years. The southern coast faced the worst conditions with incessant rains for about 12 hours accompanied by powerful winds breaking and destructing all around.

The hurricane caused widespread destruction in Kingston. The capital of Jamaica recorded intense rainfall to such a massive extent that it witnessed the entire July month’s rainfall in just about a day. The consequences have been terribly intense.

According to a report by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), about 10 people lost their lives to the deadly Hurricane Beryl in the Caribbean. The death toll was reported to be around 8 on Wednesday. Sadly, the numbers are increasing now with the rising wrath of storms and rainfall.

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After tearing down Jamaica with floods, power cuts, and more demolition, the strong hurricane makes its way toward the Cayman Islands and Mexico on Thursday.

More About The Hurricane

The worst news is how the death toll is likely to notice a surge. According to the latest updates by CNN, Hurricane Beryl might impact areas in Southern Texas. National Hurricane Center predicted landfall in this above-mentioned region between Sunday night and the next morning. However, it is not completely confirmed news as the updates on locating the definite region are not definite at the moment.

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We pray for everyone trapped in these scary situations. Hope the weather conditions improve and things go back to normal at the earliest.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Peter Tu (@tu_petertu1117) 

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