Severe Storms In Texas Leave 1 Million People Without Power Amid Widespread Damage

Severe weather and extreme heat further complicate recovery efforts.

by Mallika Khurana
Severe Storms In Texas Leave 1 Million People Without Power Amid Widespread Damage

A severe storm hit Texas on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, leaving about 1 million customers without power. The storm, part of a series of deadly weather events, brought high winds, heavy rains, and hail, significantly affecting areas such as Dallas and Houston. The wind gusts reached 77 mph at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, causing flight delays and cancellations.

Deadly Storms And Record Heat Batter Texas

This storm was one of several that recently hit Texas and neighbouring states, resulting in widespread damage and fatalities. Over the past few days, storms have killed nearly two dozen people, including seven over the weekend and four children. In total, these storms impacted five states.

According to WION reports, the National Weather Service issued warnings for more than 13 million people in Texas and western Louisiana, cautioning that more severe weather, including possible tornadoes, was expected. The central US states faced 600 incidents of strong winds and hail, including gusts over 75 mph and softball-sized hailstones.

The storm’s high winds and lightning strikes caused extensive damage to the electric grid, with some equipment needing to be rebuilt. The utility company Oncor Electric Delivery Co. reported baseball-sized hail and winds exceeding 80 mph. Power outages might last for several days due to the extensive damage.

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Airports Grounded By Powerful Storms

Both George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport experienced significant disruptions, with hundreds of flight delays and cancellations, as per CNBC TV 18 reports. The storms also caused traffic slowdowns and dangerous driving conditions due to debris and flooding.

Houston was still recovering from a previous windstorm on May 16 that caused significant damage to downtown skyscrapers. The latest storm compounded these issues, leading to more falling glass and further damage to the already weakened structures

In addition to the storms, Texas faced extreme heat, with heat indices reaching triple digits in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Brewster County and the foothills of the Davis Mountains were under a heat advisory, with temperatures potentially reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43C). Extreme heat poses significant health risks, contributing to more deaths in the US than other natural disasters.

The recent storms in Texas have caused significant disruption and damage, affecting millions of residents and critical infrastructure. The combination of severe storms and extreme heat has created challenging conditions for recovery and emergency response efforts across the state.

Cover Image Courtesy: Shanna Talley/X