Cyclone Remal: Over 30 People Died In Assam & Mizoram; Rescue Operations Are Ongoing

The present conditions in the affected regions look heartbreaking.

by Shreya Ghosh
Cyclone Remal: Over 30 People Died In Assam & Mizoram; Rescue Operations Are Ongoing

West Bengal and Bangladesh were alerted last weekend and on Monday for the Cyclone Remal. Several places have suffered harsh damages following the scary storm, gusty winds, and incessant heavy rainfall. Not only in the above-mentioned places but the disaster triggered rain, landslides, and adverse conditions in nearby states too. Cyclone Remal wreaked havoc in different locations in Northeast India and unfortunately, many people lost their lives.

Cyclone Remal Destructed Assam And Mizoram

Jibu Sinha 🇮🇳(Modi ka parivar) (@sinha_jibu) took to the X platform to share snippets of the rescue operations in Mizoram.

The recent natural disaster triggered thunderstorms and massive downpours in several Northeast Indian states. According to a report by the Deccan Herald, more than 30 people passed away in Assam and Mizoram. 4 of them were from Assam and the rest were from Mizoram. The aftermath of Cyclone Remal has been so horrifying that many are still missing. The present updates in these 2 states are grim and heart-wrenching.

Taking to X, Athreya Shetty 🇮🇳 (@shetty_athreya) shared videos of flooding-like conditions in different locations.

According to the latest updates shared by Hindustan Times, the cyclone led to heavy rainfall in parts of Assam. The weather conditions were so harsh that 4 people died with 18 suffering injuries. The officials informed everyone about a terrible incident of gusty winds breaking a huge tree in the Sonitpur district. The tree broke and fell on a school bus carrying students. 12 of those kids were injured and were quickly rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Mizoram faced the worst effects of the horrifying weather conditions. The Mizoram government stated that a total of 27 people died in Falkawn, Hlimen, Melthum, and Salem Veng. The rescue and relief teams headed to the affected regions already and discovered the deceased bodies. The rescue operations are still underway and there might be reports of finding more bodies trapped under the wreckage.

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Many People’s Houses Are Broken

Assam Police (@assampolice) shared pictures of the teams working tirelessly to manage the chaotic situation.

Many locals rushed to relief camps following the triggering rainfall, thunderstorms, and gusty winds hitting places. Staying inside houses became unsafe as the properties got damaged. Many students took shelter in some schools in Assam’s Guwahati. From power cuts to broken trees to destroyed houses to damaged electric lines, Cyclone Remal caused havoc all around. The FE&S and SDRF personnel are on the field to remove the debris and reduce any fire risk from short circuits.

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Recuse teams are working relentlessly to save people. We hope and pray things get normal and safe as soon as possible.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Athreya Shetty 🇮🇳 (@shetty_athreya), X/ Assam Police (@assampolice)

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