Husband Leaves Wife After She Cooks Maggi For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Husband Leaves Wife After She Cooks Maggi For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

We love Maggi, it’s our go-to snack, isn’t it? But how long will you like it if someone serves you, Maggi, for all three courses every day? Nightmare right? Well, something similar is the reason for a husband to divorce his wife. A man in Ballari divorced his wife who cooked Maggi for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Strange but true. 

Divorce Over Maggi

ML Raghunath, Principal District and Sessions Court in Mysuru, spoke about this weird case that he had to face when he was Ballari’s district judge. The husband got to know that when it comes to cooking all that his wife can cook was instant noodles, Maggi. He said that she would go to the provision store and buy only Maggi packets. She could cook nothing beyond Maggi and that is why served the poor husband the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The annoyed husband couldn’t take it and filed for divorce. The marriage then ended on mutual consent. 

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Strange Divorce Petitions


Raghunath said that courts no longer find such strange divorce petitions any stranger because they have faced many. No matter if the marriage is arranged or loved, couples tend to seek divorce for petty issues. There have been cases where couples have filed for divorce over not wearing the right colour suit or even for putting salt on the wrong side. He added that divorces are increasing rapidly and it’s good that the couples have to stay together for a year before getting divorced otherwise the number would have touched the sky. 

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