After Mango Maggi, Pastry Maggi Is Making Foodies Throw Up!

by Sanmita A
After Mango Maggi, Pastry Maggi Is Making Foodies Throw Up!

Why are people up to spoiling the humble Maggi that we have always loved? In the past few years, we have seen the most outrageous Maggi combinations that are Ugh! People are unapologetically experimenting with this loved fast food. Guess what? Once again, a bizarre Maggi version named Pastry Maggi has taken the internet into a frenzy. Take a look:

Pastry Maggi – Chocolate and Maggi Masala?

In this viral video, the person begins cooking Maggi the usual way with oil, onion and chillies until he drops a slice of pastry on the pan. Then, the ingredients are brought to a boil after adding water and Maggi masala. Eventually, the noodles are added too. The dish is further cooked, following which the noodle soup has a thick chocolate broth. It is absolutely nothing like the bright colours that Maggi has. However, this chocolaty Maggi meal is further garnished with a slice of chocolate pastry on top!

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The Audacity To Mix Maggi and Mango

Previously, before the discovery of pastry Maggi, someone dared to mix Maggi with our favourite fruit drink – Mango! And if you watch the video, things go fine until the drink is added. It is only towards the end that this Maggi dish goes south.

People have dared to mess up with India’s favourite noodle soup, Maggi. And do you have ideas in your mind too? Is it Maggi with hot chips or Maggi with Chai? Or would you love your noodle soup just the old school way?

Let us know what you think about the weird Maggi combinations and the trending Pastry Maggi combination!

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