Street Vendor Makes Mango Maggi, And Netizens Wish To Move To Another Planet

by Ishita Agarwal
Street Vendor Makes Mango Maggi, And Netizens Wish To Move To Another Planet

Mangoes are a delicious fruit that we all consume in overflowing amounts throughout the summertime. However, after seeing this video of an innovative kind of street food, your enthusiasm to consume mangoes will gradually fade away through the door, or it may just leap out of the next window. Insane online food experiments are entertaining, but only if they don’t include Maggi. Indians’ favourite dish is Maggi, and it’s not even a question of argument. And now here we have Mango Maggi! 

Mango Maggi Is The New Bizarre Street Food In Town

The video was uploaded to Instagram by a page dedicated to food vlogging and is named The Great Indian Foodie. It demonstrates how to make a dish called Mango Maggi. You must be wondering what in the new hell this is now. But why should we have to go through this alone? Therefore, here is a look at the process of making Mango Maggi with a great deal of aam and maaza. 

A lady may be seen at the beginning of the video preparing Mango Maggi. During the meal preparation, she adds quite a bit of maaza, and at the conclusion, she serves it with a lot of Aams and just a touch of maaza on the side.

Over 115,000 people have seen the movie, and you may find their thoughts in the comments section. The combination made some on the internet feel utterly sick to their stomachs. Some people vented their frustration online by asking why the chef added their favourite fruit to Maggi. 


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Here’s How The Public Responded In Disbelief 

There have been several viral videos on the internet that have upset netizens. It all boils down to one question: Why meddle with Maggi? Because Maggi is an Emotion in India. 

Will you dare to try out this Mango Maggie!? 

Mango Maggi

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