Hyderabad Woman Who Went To US For Master’s Found Starving On Chicago Streets; Video Goes Viral

by Tooba Shaikh
Hyderabad Woman Who Went To US For Master’s Found Starving On Chicago Streets; Video Goes Viral

Lately, many Indian students have been migrating to countries like Canada, the United Kingdom or the UK, and the United States of America or the US. Recently, one such student who went to the US in hopes of pursuing her Master’s degree met with an unfortunate fate. The Hyderabad woman was found starving and homeless on the streets and people back home are appealing to the authorities to ensure her safe return. Here are all the details about this unfortunate piece of news.

Hyderabad Woman Who Went To US Found Starving

The woman was identified as Syeda Lulu Minhaj Zaidi who used to live in Maula Ali in Telangana. She left for the US to pursue her Master’s degree at the TRINE University in Detroit in the August of 2021, according to a letter written by her mother.

Since then, she had been in touch with the family frequently. However, for the last two months, the family lost all contact with the daughter. They’ve been trying to reach her since. A heartbreaking video of the lady recently surfaced where she is visibly malnourished and not at all in good condition.

She was found starving and homeless on the streets of Chicago. The video was shared by a Hyderabadi leader who appealed to the higher-ups to do all in their power to reunite her with her family. The video shows that Zaidi has trouble recalling her full name which indicates that she is not well.

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Rendered Destitute After Stuff Got Stolen

According to an article recently published by MoneyControl, the lady was rendered in such a hapless condition because all of her things got stolen. Since then, she has been struggling to get by. Zaidi’s mother has written to the External Affairs Minister and has appealed to him for help.

Heeding the situation, the Consulate General of India in Chicago responded. They stated that they have just learned about Zaidi’s predicament and they have asked to keep in touch through DMs.

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