Hyderabad Has The World’s 1st WTC ATM Machine That Serves Tea, Coffee, Water And Even Biscuits!

by Shreya Rathod
Hyderabad Has The World’s 1st WTC ATM Machine That Serves Tea, Coffee, Water And Even Biscuits!

There is a tea vendor that we often visit for a steaming cup of tea or coffee. And he will serve you his special ‘kadak chai’ to wake your brain! But what if there is a vending machine that serves tea, coffee, water and even biscuits? In Hyderabad, you will find a WTC ATM machine that serves these drinks and biscuits.

This WTC ATM Machine In Hyderabad Serves It All!

On 14th June 2023, World’s first Water, Tea or Coffee vending machine or WTC ATM machine in Hyderabad. These machines are fully automated water, tea, coffee, and biscuit dispensers that operate around the clock without human assistance like a street corner automatic tea shop. Customers must scan the QR code located on the machine. After that, the system will dispense the desired product, whether it’s tea, coffee, water or biscuits!

The machine is created and built so that even a person who is not an expert in this can use it easily. There are no complicated procedures to follow. Additionally, there is a voice aid integrated within the machine that will assist users in using the machine. Overall, customers will have an exciting experience!

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These Machines Will Provide Self-Employment To The Youth

Mr P. Vinod Kumar is the inventor of this vending machine. According to him, the machine is fit for self-employment and offers an opportunity for the unemployed youth to earn. Moreover, the machine will be released at an affordable price! In fact, it will cost comparatively less than a refrigerator, including an insurance facility and bank loan.

Vending machines are unreachable in India, even though it is a developing country. In fact, you will barely find a vending machine in malls. And intending to install them in government schools and offices and make them accessible to people, they planned to invent these vending machines.

At present, the company has started appointing distributors for this WTC ATM machine. So, if you are craving tea or coffee, or just need a water bottle, you will find a vending machine that serves it all!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Gem Opencube Technologies/ Instagram