I Stayed In One Of The Most Expensive Suites In India Costing ₹5.7 Lakhs Per Night

by Tania Tarafdar

This bed was once occupied by Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey & the likes. I am inside a luxurious suite of a 300-year-old Palace in Jaipur where the Royal family still resides and this happens to be the most expensive place I have ever stayed at a whopping ₹5.7 lakhs per night, exclusively available on @Airbnb Being born with a silver spoon and in a royal family is a privilege only enjoyed by a select few. But what destiny can’t give, money can buy! So here I am at one of India’s most iconic places, the City Palace, which is home to the Royal Family of Jaipur.

Gudliya Suite, The City Palace Jaipur The youngest Maharaja of India, 23-year-old Padmanabh Singh, and his family still reside at a 300-year-old palace. And in-a-one-of-a-kind experience, you too can feel like royalty, as Airbnb has on-boarded one of the rooms of the palace, yes just one room of the humongous palace, fondly called as the Gudliya Suite, at a whopping price of 5.7 lakhs per couple per night. The impeccably styled Gudliya suite is located within one of the private sections of a royal palace. The suite has a green coloured lounge or a welcome area that opens out to a sky blue coloured spacious bedroom that has a poster bed, interesting ceiling and paintings on the wall. A small stairway leads to the dressing room, giving you all the royal feels your heart has been craving for a seating area all around. Wonder who’s that for? But wait, here’s my favorite part of the room, an indoor swimming pool! Watch this video to know more!