I Visited Ahmedabad’s 100-yr Old Heritage Restaurants – Part 1 | I Love My India Ep 20

by Bianca Saurastri

Gujarat’s largest city is known for its shopping, historic places and of course their authentic Gujarati Food. In this episode of I Love My India, Kamiya Jani explores some of the popular yet iconic food joints of Ahmedabad which will surely drive you crazy with their scrumptious food and great stories it has to offer. From dining with the dead at Lucky Tea Stall to trying out Heritage Bhajiyas At Raipur Bhajiya House; eating Chandravilas Thali to buying Juna ShareBazaar Nu Chavanu, one thing that the city Ahmedabad is more than anything else is a foodies paradise. Watch the full episode as I explore India’s First World Heritage City – Ahmedabad with Gujarat Tourism