Ice Cream Man Of India, Deepak Nirula Of Nirula’s Passes Away; End Of An Era

by Sushmita Mahanta
Ice Cream Man Of India, Deepak Nirula Of Nirula’s Passes Away; End Of An Era

The man behind all the fun, frolic, and food of our youth is no more. Deepak Nirula, the pioneer in fast food in India, credited for making Delhi’s iconic fast food chain Nirula’s popular, passed away on October 4 at 75. After Nirula’s, Deepak Nirula also launched the iconic and quintessentially Delhi, Nirula’s fast food chain in 1977! Deepak — the son of Madan Gopal Nirula, definitely defined many a childhood in India. Let’s take a look at the incredible legacy the man leaves behind!

About Deepak Nirula And Nirula’s

Who would forget the offerings at Nirula’s right? Starting from its hot chocolate fudge, pizzas, ice creams, sundaes, and burgers — everything was ’emotion’ at Nirula’s.
Deepak Nirula was responsible for leading the Nirula brothers’ hotel and restaurant business. It first began as a 12-room hotel in Connaught Place in 1934. Later it grew to be Delhi’s first fast-food franchise led by Deepak. The first outlet was opened in 1977 at Connaught Place. However, the brand name was sold by the family to Navis Capital Partners in 2006. But the glory days of the ’21 flavours’ of ice cream are still as fresh as they were years before!

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Deepak Nirula’s Contribution To Nirula’s

Deepak Nirula, born on April 3, 1952, was a graduate of hotel management from Cornell University in the US. After the Nirula’s cousins opened the first Nirula outlet in Connaught Place in 1977, Deepak took it upon himself to popularise the brand. The chain soon grew and reached newer heights. It was the first one to introduce Indians to ice cream sodas, hash browns with burgers, pizzas, salad bars, and unusual flavours such as ‘jamoca almond fudge’, ‘lime ice’ and more. The man who contributed to all of it and more, is no more. But the memories of the ice cream days still remain!

Delhi and India will forever miss Deepak Nirula. May he rest in peace.


Feature image courtesy – Facebook/DeepakNirula/Instagram/Nirulas