ICMR Urges Tourists To Hold Their Plans As Revenge Travel Might Trigger A Third Wave

by Sanjana Shenoy
ICMR Urges Tourists To Hold Their Plans As Revenge Travel Might Trigger A Third Wave

Are you yearning to pack your bags and set off on a gorgeous beach holiday Or how about a luxurious stay at a mountain resort during the holiday season? While you can’t wait to put your plans into action, a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) urges you to hold your plans as revenge travel might trigger a Covid-19 third wave. Revenge travel is a strong desire to travel after being under strict restrictions for a lengthy period of time. But revenge travel can come at a cost. The medical body warns that a rise in mass congregations for social, religious and political events coupled with tourism may lead to a third wave. Read on to know more.

Revenge Travel In India Could Lead To Covid-19 Third Wave

Imperial College London and ICMR conducted a study where researchers announced that revenge travel might worsen the Covid-19 third wave in India and also cause a higher peak in cases between Februrary and March 2022. According to the data from Himachal Pradesh, tourism can lead to a population increase of a whopping 40 per cent. Keeping this in mind, the third wave peak may rise by up to 47 per cent during the holiday season. Easing restrictions during the holiday and festive season can hasten the third wave by up to four weeks, as compared to the situation of lifting restrictions in the offseason.

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revenge travel could lead to third wave
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‘Responsible Travel’ & ‘Vaccination Status’ Key For Safe Travel

Moreover, researchers revealed that India’s high population density can lead to a stronger effect on transmission. The third wave peak may go up to 103 per cent. So, what’s the solution. Well, responsible travel is the key to mitigating the risk of coronavirus. Tourists must observe social distancing, wear masks in public. Also, as vaccine coverage scales, vaccine status plays a significant role in a person’s eligibility to travel. So, there needs to be a shared responsibility by travellers, residents and local authorities to ensure safety and protect the welfare of India.


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