7 Ways To Use Technology To Prepare For Safe Travel During The Pandemic

Ways To Use Technology Safe Travel Pandemic
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1306

COVID-19 is affecting many people adversely now, and travelling won’t be safe until the situation comes under control. But with the pandemic fears in place, if you at all need to embark on a journey, you have to be extra cautious and take all necessary measures. Also, we can definitely make our travels safer by the smart use of modern technology. Here’s are 7 simple ways to do that:

1. Online Navigation

It’s best to travel solo now. When on a journey, its always better to drive alone, without a driver or a guide. And for navigation, you can turn online for sure, unless you’re going somewhere extremely remote. Google Maps has also come up with many cool new features to guide you through specific locations.

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2. Digital Payments

For payments during travel, you should always prefer the contactless modes wherever possible. You can make your payment via online payment platforms like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and others. You can also go for digital currencies and direct bank transfers.

Ways To Use Technology Safe Travel Pandemic

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3. Remote Guidance

If you need to get guidance about the nook and corner of a particular place from an expert guide, you can visit the place and get in touch with the person via a video call. In this way, you will be able to explore the place in a safer manner. Also, do try to avoid congested places at all costs.

Ways To Use Technology Safe Travel Pandemic

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4. Google Travel Advisories

Google has added new tools in its search engine to help people make post-vaccination travel plans better. In other words, if someone looks up on Google for flights, hotels and things to do, the Search will also show COVID-19 travel advisories, like quarantine requirement and vaccination proof requirement for a particular destination. Google.com/travel has tools like Explore, Things to do, Flights, Hotels and Vacation Rentals. Take note of these details before planning your travel.

Ways To Use Technology Safe Travel Pandemic

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5. Apps To Receive Notifications On COVID Hotspots

You should always be alert about where the COVID-19 cases are rising and avoid travelling through those areas. The Aarogya Setu app displays the number of cases within a few kilometres from the current location in India. You can download apps like these and can also keep an eye on the search engines to have yourself updated from time to time.

Ways To Use Technology Safe Travel Pandemic

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6. Portable UV Sterilisers

While travelling, it is important to sanitise or swipe every surface before touching it. But if you’re on a long journey, instead of carrying a huge bottle of sanitiser or a bag full of disinfecting wipes, you can keep a portable UV steriliser handy.

Ways To Use Technology Safe Travel Pandemic

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7. Portable Healthcare Gadgets

You must not forget to put into your bag an oximeter and a thermometer, along with other necessary medicines, before beginning your journey. You can opt for a digital thermometer instead of a manual one, for the ease of temperature reading. If you feel that you are getting COVID symptoms on the way, you can also take a rapid antigen test with a self-testing kit.

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