Google Maps Has A Cool New Feature To Guide You Inside A Mall Or Airport

by Suchismita Pal
Google Maps Has A Cool New Feature To Guide You Inside A Mall Or Airport

With Google Maps, locating places have become faster and much simpler than before. Now, to make the experience more seamless, Google has announced some new features. One of them will be Augmented Reality (AR) enabled indoor navigation inside airports, shopping malls and train stations, which will show arrows and markers on the phone screen to help users find the exact location with much ease. One simply needs to hold up the phone screen in front of the real-world, and AR will overlay the arrows and markers towards the required location. For example, if you’re standing near an escalator inside the airport and the gate you’re searching is left to the escalator, you simply need to hold up the phone to the escalator. The arrows will then appear to show you the direction.

Video Credits: Google

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The ‘Live View’ AR Feature On Google Maps Will Display Arrows On The Real-World

Google has introduced the ‘Live View’ AR feature that will enable users to locate places by holding up their phones to the real-world. The user first needs to click on ‘Directions’ in Google Maps, and then tap ‘Live View’. Often, by only seeing the maps and the directions on the animated models, we get confused about whether we are going in the right direction or not. With the embedding of the arrows and markers in the real-world, we can say goodbye to these confusions. Meanwhile,  Google’s New Tool Gives Insights On The Travel Demand.

Here’s how to use the ‘Live View’ Feature:

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Google Will Launch The Feature In Malls, Airports And Transit Stations

Google will launch the feature in some malls in  New York,  San Francisco, California, Chicago, New Jersey, San Jose, Seattle and Long Island, followed by the airports, transit stations and malls of Zurich and Tokyo. Eventually, the feature will be launched in other countries as well. Other features that Google has planned to introduce include the selection of eco-friendly driving routes, air quality information, integration with grocery stores, etc.