IIT Madras-Incubated Startup Conducts Flight Tests Flying Electric Taxis. Details Inside!

by Shreya Ghosh
IIT Madras-Incubated Startup Conducts Flight Tests Flying Electric Taxis. Details Inside!

Is India about to get the country’s first-ever flying electric taxis? There has been a lot of buzz and news about this exciting innovation and we are here to share some fascinating details about it. A startup incubated out of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras recently conducted flight tests of their latest project, the ePlane e50, and the results of these tests are simply great. If you are interested to know more about this test, read on!

Tests Of These Flying Electric Taxis Showed Promising Results

The ePlane Company is an IIT-incubated startup company working to bring their dream of flying electric taxis to life. They recently held some flight tests of their invention, “ePlane e50” and gladly the team successfully conducted everything. The results of the tests took them a lot closer to their moonshot mission. Their moonshot mission is to see people using flying electric taxis for transportation. To see all about the tests; how the machine is taking off, flying in the air, and landing, you need to check this video.

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The ePlane e50, introduced by The ePlane Company, is said to be the first drone in the country that comes with eVTOL features. Such exclusive elements in the design structure help this plane to show the functions of both drones and planes. Now isn’t that interesting? With eVTOL capabilities, the ePlane e50 can take off from the ground just like a drone. Also, it can fly in the sky like a plane does.

What Is eVTOL?

eVtol is the acronym for electric vertical take-off and landing aircrafts. It is a version of an aircraft and just like its full form, eVTOL has the features to initiate take-off and landing on the ground vertically. In fact, these are also known as flying electric taxis.

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Here’s All You Need To Know About The ePlane Company:

Satya Chakravarthy is the founder of this IIT-incubated startup, according to a report by Swarajyamag. Mr. Chakravarthy is an aerospace engineering professor at this prestigious university and he is working with his team to fulfill the dream of presenting the first flying electric taxis in the country.

Are you excited to see what this startup has in store?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ The ePlane Company (@ePlaneCompany)