IIT Bombay Is All Set To Celebrate Rangavali, Its First Queer Festival

by Tooba Shaikh
IIT Bombay Is All Set To Celebrate Rangavali, Its First Queer Festival

IIT Bombay is one of the most renowned and prestigious research institutes in all of India. It is one of the top-most-ranked universities in the country. As in any university, there are a lot of social initiatives aimed at marginalised communities and their upliftment. In a first, the research institute is all set to organise a queer festival that is aimed at spreading awareness about and celebrating the sexual diversity of the campus.

Rangavali: IIT Bombay’s First Queer Festival


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IIT Bombay’s first queer festival is called Rangavali and will take place on the 25th and the 26th of March. The two-day festival will witness a plethora of programmes. These are organised with the express purpose of educating people and spreading awareness about the gamut and sexual and gender identities.

The festival is being organised with the help of Saathi, which is a queer resource group in and for IIT Bombay. As of now, the itinerary of the festival will feature a talk session with the faculty advisor of Saathi and a queer activist. It will also feature discussions and sessions on diversity and inclusivity.

For some fun and entertainment, the festival will also feature a queer ramp walk and a queer-themed quiz. The highlight of the festival will be a panel discussion with a number of prominent queer activists.

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Celebrating Queerness Is Important

This festival is a first in what will hopefully be an annual or at least regularly recurring event. It is important to make sure that institutions are safe and welcoming places for people belonging to all types of identities. 

It is also important to raise awareness about the plight of marginalised people. Especially about the sort of social, political, and institutional discrimination such identities have faced in the past and continue to do so.

IIT Bombay was recently involved in a controversial suicide case. The family of the boy who passed claimed that he faced social alienation and discrimination from his peers once they found out he was from a lower caste.

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