In Pics: More Pictures Of Pink Lake Are Here And They Look Beautiful

Pink Lake UAE
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 431

UAE is known for everything fancy. Be it the thrilling adventure rides or the fancy cafes and opulent buildings- the nation has it all. And the nation’s latest discovery is the Pink Lake. The lake, which was discovered in January, by a young Emirati photographer Ammar Al Farsi went viral in no time. And now, after the viral drone shots, people just can’t keep calm as they witness the majesty of the lake with naked eyes.

Pink Lake In Ras Al Khaimah Is Taking The Social Media By Storm 

The lake is approx 40 meters long and 10 meters wide, and the tales of the pink lake is taking the internet by storm. More and more people are visiting the site to get a better picture of what it actually looks like. Check out here, how people are reacting to this massive cotton-candy pink lake.

1. Nestled In Ras Al Khaimah People Are Now Calling It The Hidden Gem Of UAE


2. People Are Also Finding It Hard To Believe That Such Beauty Does Exist

3. Pink Lake Is UAE’s New Favourite Spot And These Pictures Are A Proof To That 


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4. Just Like Everyone Else On The Internet, We Too Can’t Get Over This Beauty

5. With Every Picture, The Lake Is Looking Better And Bigger


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We are planning to visit the Pink Lake soon. What about you? Have you visited this majestic lake yet?

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