In Your Neighbourhood: Exploring Everything From The Regal Nassif Palace To A Meal At Al Baik In Jeddah

by Anupriya Mishra
In Your Neighbourhood: Exploring Everything From The Regal Nassif Palace To A Meal At Al Baik In Jeddah

Jeddah is a beautiful city in Saudi Arabia that’s also regarded as a city of extraordinary wonders. From being home to the highest fountain in the world to even a floating mosque, this pretty city offers something for everyone. Also known as the gateway to Mecca, this is the second-largest city in the Kingdom. So, when you are in Jeddah, there is no better way to explore this gorgeous city than like a local. While you’re in the Saudi Arabian port city neighbourhood, here’s all that you must explore for an unrivalled experience.

Things To Explore In Jeddah!

1. Go Indulge In A Gold Shopping Experience

Gold Street
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While Dubai is famous for its gold souq, one must not forget about Jeddah’s brilliant Gold Street. Home to some of the most exclusive and renowned brands, you will find some interesting jewellery pieces in this market. From panther-themed gold jewellery set to even a gold crown, these beautiful jewellery designs are certainly going to leave you tempted to indulge in a fantastic shopping spree. Not to mention, the vibrant street has several world-famous names like Malabar Gold & Diamonds and Daneer For Gold & Jewellery, so you can certainly be assured of not just their quality but the trendy designs as well.

Besides the famous Gold Street, one must also check out the exquisite spice market as well. Here, you will find quite a variety of spices, including everything from red chilis to dried fruits like pistachios. Yes, there are spices from around the world here, as the port is also in the region.

2. Experience A Slice Of History At Nassif Palace

al balad
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Al Balad is home to narrow maze-like streets that are bustling with cheery people and a vibrant marketplace. However, the crowning jewel of this neighbourhood has to be the Nassif Palace. Regarded as the Nassif House Museum today, it also has a library that features about 16,000 books belonging to King Abdulaziz University’s central library.

It was constructed in 1885 for Omar Nasseef Efendi, who was the Governor of Jeddah at the time. Since 2019, this regal building has been serving as a museum and cultural centre. Did you know it’s also called the House With A Tree? Well, that’s because it opens into a square where there is also a Neem Tree, which is quite a rarity in the region.

It’s worth noting that the buildings in the surrounding neighbourhood follow a distinctive architectural style. Yes, these traditional buildings feature intricately carved wooden balconies, which are called Mashrabiya Design.

Where: 3421, Al Kurnaysh Br Rd, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah، 6266, Jeddah 22232, Saudi Arabia

3. Devour Juicy Fried Chicken At Albaik

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A trip to Jeddah is practically incomplete without stopping by Albaik, which is one of the most famous fast food places in the Kingdom. The hallmark of this place has to be the fact that it’s one of the oldest restaurants in Jeddah! Yes, and today, it has certainly taken the Middle East by storm. Their chicken nuggets with French fries are quite popular amongst locals and tourists alike. You have to try this delightful quick meal to eat like a Saudi local.

However, did you know that you can actually get burger buns for absolutely free at the restaurant? Yes, and the best part is that they are unlimited! So basically, what it lets you do is that you can pair these buns either with chicken nuggets or with French fries! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to add some ketchup to the mix.

Where: Multiple outlets across the city

4. Check Out The Vast Central Fish Market

Central Fish Market Jeddah
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Another great place, which is an experience in itself, is the Central Fish Market in Jeddah. And there is no better place for a seafood lover than this market where they will find fishes of different species stacked neatly and hygienically in wide rows. It’s worth mentioning that traditionally Saudis in Jeddah like several types of fish like hamour or even balti.

You will also find crabs and lobsters of several types at this market. So, if you happen to be living in a guest house, where you can cook, don’t forget to grab some local fish from this fish market. And then prepare a traditional Saudi meal at home, just like a local!

Where: 3421 Al Kurnaysh Br Rd, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah، 6266, Jeddah 22232, Saudi Arabia

5. Have Hearty Seafood At Saedi Fish Restaurant

Saedi Fish Restaurant Jeddah
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Since seafood is a big part of food culture in Jeddah, one has to visit the Saedi Fish Restaurant here. What’s absolutely fantastic about this place is that you can choose the fish of your liking from the wide display on the ground floor of the restaurant. Thereafter, the good folks here will either make it into a curry, fry the fish, grill it, or even prepare it as a soup, which is served on the first floor.

You will find fishes of different species like Harid, Hamour, Balti, Feris, and even some lobsters at the counter. Once you’ve selected the fish of your choice, we especially recommend going with the fried option, as you can then pair them with a sesame dip called Tamahindi sauce. Another pretty cool thing about this restaurant is that you can opt either to sit in a single cubicle or a family cubicle that offers just the right amount of privacy to enjoy a serene meal with your family.

Where: 2128 Al Kurnaysh Br Rd, Al-Hamra’a, 7281, Jeddah 23212, Saudi Arabia

We have done extensive research for you, now all you need to do is explore the bustling neighbourhoods of Jeddah, just like a local!

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