IND Vs SL Match: Mumbai Traffic Police Issues Advisory; Check Routes, Diversions & More!

mumbai traffic wankhede stadium
by Shreya Rathod

For today’s World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai Traffic Police has released an advisory. The advisory includes routes, diversions and parking spots for the fans who are willing to travel for the match.

IND Vs SL Match At Wankhede Stadium: Mumbai Traffic Police Issues Advisory

In order to avoid traffic jams, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), Traffic Pradnya Zedge, posted a video message on X (formerly known as Twitter) advising people to heed the traffic advice. Mumbai Police issued important instructions for spectators attending the World Cup match on November 2 at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

DCP Pravin Mundhe relayed the message stating that the Mumbai Police would like to convey this message to all of the fans attending India vs. Sri Lanka World Cup match on November 2 at Wankhede Stadium. First off, everyone is urged to be at the stadium well in advance of the scheduled 100 per cent attendance in order to prevent last-minute rush and annoyance from security inspections.

He further added that although the game begins at 2:00 pm, the stadium will be open for admission by 11:00 am. Second, no spectator may bring in any bags, power banks, water bottles, coins, matchboxes, lighters, or tobacco goods, nor may they display any offensive banners, flags, or brochures.

He also requested people to check the instructions on the match ticket for further information. Additionally, refrain from driving yourself to the stadium as there is no parking available and use public transport facilities.

Parking Restrictions, Diversions And More

Parking Restrictions:

  • “C” Road’s northern side from where it intersects with NS Road to where it meets “E” Road.
  • ‘D’ Road from where it intersects with NS Road to where it meets ‘E’ Road.
  • ‘E’ Road from ‘D’ Road intersection to ‘C’ Road intersection.
  • “Anuvrat” junction to “E” Cross Road intersection.
  • ‘F’ Road from NS Road intersection to ‘H’ Road intersection.
  • ‘H’ Road from ‘F’ Road intersection to ‘G’ Road intersection.
  • NS Road between Air India Junction and Mafatlal Bath Signal (both north and south heading).
  • Arunachal Pradesh to BD Somani Crossing.


  • ‘For cars, “D” Road will only have one direction of travel: from west to east. This is heading towards the intersection of ‘E’ and ‘C’ Road from the intersection of NS Road (Marine Drive).
  • ‘C’ Road will also be changed to a one-way traffic flow (from east to west) for vehicles travelling from the intersection of ‘E’ Road to the intersection with NS Road (Marine Drive).
  • ‘E’ Road will also be combined into a single route (south bound) for all kinds of vehicles to go from the ‘D’ Road intersection to the ‘C’ Road intersection.
  • Visitors entering through Gates 1, 3, and 7 are asked to utilise Churchgate station; those entering through Gates 4 and 5A should use Marine Lines, ‘F’ road.

The parking areas for guests attending the World Cup match between India and Sri Lanka are also mentioned in the advice. The announcement states that Wankhede Stadium, the site of the match, will not have parking available. Therefore, it is suggested that people take public transport. 

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On the other hand, there are official parking lots close to Churchgate station.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia

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