Independence Day Offer: On Kochi Metro Commuters Can Pay Only ₹20 & Cover Any Distance

by Shreya Ghosh
Independence Day Offer: On Kochi Metro Commuters Can Pay Only ₹20 & Cover Any Distance

Independence Day calls for special celebrations and to commemorate and honour this historical day, Kochi Metro is doing something special for its commuters on Tuesday. This year, metro commuters are going to enjoy a special offer on this day. If you are from this city in Kerala and have plans to travel on a metro tomorrow, make sure to read on to know all about this offer.

Pay A Maximum Fare Of ₹20 To Travel Any Distance On Independence Day

Kochi Metro
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Passengers can travel anywhere at any distance on the Kochi Metro on Tuesday and they need to pay a maximum of only ₹20 to purchase the ticket, according to a report by The Hindu. People can avail of this special metro ticket price only on Independence Day. Here is all the information about the Independence Day offer.

  • The minimum fare for a metro ticket is going to be ₹10 as usual. There won’t be any change in the minimum ticket price.
  • The highest ticket fare is going to be ₹20, only for tomorrow.
  • Commuters can cross any distance they want to. No matter how much distance they travel, the maximum fare is going to be ₹20 only.

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What Is The Timing To Avail Of This Offer On Kochi Metro?

Kochi Metro
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

This special offer is only applicable on Independence Day and there is also a designated time period when commuters can travel any distance on the Kochi metro paying just ₹20.

  • The metros are going to run from 6 AM to 11 PM.
  • Kochi metro passengers can travel paying ₹20 at any hour during the metro operations on Independence Day.
  • Commuters who use Kochi 1 card are going to get a cashback due to the Independence Day special change in fare.

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Passenger footfall is jumping at Kochi metro in recent times and a major credit for this significant change goes to the introduction of offers such as travel passes for students and more. People are slowly finding this mode of transportation to be convenient and choosing it for daily commutes as well.

If you are in Kochi, make sure to enjoy this special offer on Tuesday.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons