India Rice Export Ban: NRIs In USA Are Still Panic Buying Rice & Stocking Up

by Shreya Ghosh
India Rice Export Ban: NRIs In USA Are Still Panic Buying Rice & Stocking Up

Rice is a staple food in most Indians’ diets. No matter if someone lives in India or abroad, probably every other Indian needs to have some rice every day, at least in one meal of the day. And India being a major important exporter of rice, several overseas countries are dependent on the country for the same. Following the rice export ban by India, many people have started facing different issues and they are doing everything to stock up this grain.

Rice Export Ban Has Triggered Consumers’ Buying Habits

Twitter user Gugu Aujla 🇨🇦 🇺🇲 🦅 (@GuguAujla) took to the microblogging site to show how the ban is causing buyers to panic bulk buying rice.

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All of us got to know about the decision of banning non-basmati white rice exports by the Food and Consumer Affairs Ministry on 20 July 2023. And it has been over 10 days since the announcement and many NRIs are still continuing to panic and stock up as much rice as possible. In fact, many visuals, photos, and videos of hoarding rice are making rounds on various social media platforms.

The Viral Pictures & Clips Look Like Flashbacks Of COVID-19 Pandemic Days

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Picture credit- Canva

Indians living in the United States are literally rushing to stores and supermarkets and purchasing rice as much as possible. The scenario is quite similar to the times when the coronavirus began spreading in the entire world. We remember buyers hoarding toilet paper and buying bunches of these products. Many parts of the USA also experienced something like this when people started purchasing lots of rice following the rice export ban.

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Several supermarkets found out that customers were hoarding rice. This was the moment when many stores initiated the rule of only one rice bag for one family. They implemented this decision so that every family gets rice following the ban, according to a report by Times Now News.

An Indian market in the USA kept its customers informed about the availability of rice via email, according to a report by Fortune. The mail stated that there is enough rice as of now.

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