There’s An Oreo Fried Rice In Town & Netizens Find It Disturbing, To Say The Least!

by Shreya Shriyan
There’s An Oreo Fried Rice In Town & Netizens Find It Disturbing, To Say The Least!

From rainbow-coloured sushi burritos to spicy ice cream challenges, the Internet always delivered when it came to weird food trends. And now adding to the long list, is the iconic fried rice. Oh, wait, we mean Oreo fried rice. No, you didn’t read that wrong. This viral video of an Oreo fried rice in preparation has Netizens cringing hard. 

In today’s food experiment era, the internet is flooded with fusion and combo creations. While being innovative is great, these experiments often fail to leave us craving for the food combo. The latest addition to this bizarre trend is the cringe “Oreo fried rice,” making waves on the Internet.

 Users are genuinely questioning the reasoning behind it, deciding whether to pair it with flavorful Manchurian or garnish it with chocolate sauce. If the description alone repulses you, just wait until you see the clip!

An Instagram meme page posted the video, which opens with the cook heating oil in a wok. Next, he adds a few Oreo biscuits and attempts to crush them, unintentionally creating a chocolate paste with the oil. 

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After frying the mixture, boiled plain rice is added, followed by vegetables and salt. The cook then tops it off with soya sauce and mixes everything to create Oreo fried rice. Finally, the dish is served and garnished with green onion and carrots.

The Internet Never Fails To Deliver With Weird Food Trends


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After the clip was shared, users quickly voiced their concerns, stating, “This is disturbing.” Some urged, “Please don’t waste food for this kind of video.” However, this isn’t the first time Oreo has been experimented with in a dish. 

Earlier, Internet users were left stunned by Oreo pizza, a daring creation loaded with chocolate and topped with choco chips, and whole biscuits. If that wasn’t enough, a video of the biscuits being used to make pakoras also went viral last year. Seems like the poor biscuits just can’t catch a break from being experimented with!

As the culinary world boldly ventures into uncharted territory, it serves as a platter of strange and surprising delights. From Oreo fried rice to outrageous Oreo pizza, these bizarre combinations test the boundaries of our taste buds and creativity.

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While some trends might leave us scratching our heads, there’s no denying that the allure of strange food combinations will keep us eager to explore what’s cooking next. Clearly, the hunger for culinary innovation knows no limits, and we’re all here for the wild ride! Or should we say meal?

Cover image courtesy: @aagampakshulu on Instagram