Indian Couple Ride 36,000 Km Across 29 States To Raise Awareness On Tigers

by Sanjana Shenoy
Indian Couple Ride 36,000 Km Across 29 States To Raise Awareness On Tigers

Tigers, the majestic and proud animals, have been the part of our lore for ages. They are the symbol of strength, valour, and beauty. But the sad reality is that their habitats are really reducing throughout our country. According to the National Tiger Conservation Authority, the tiger population in India has estimated only at 2,967 tigers in 2018. This is a serious concern for the whole of the country. If we wish to preserve our national animal, then it is time we take measures that helps further the cause of preserving the ecosystem where tigers can flourish. This is what a couple from Salt Lake Kolkata is endeavouring to do, by spreading this message through travelling across the country.

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Rathin And Gitanjali Travelled 36,000 km On Their Bike

Rathin Das and his wife Gitanjali, from Salt Lake Kolkata, have travelled over 36,000 km on their bike across the country to spread awareness about the conversation of these majestic big cats. In their travel, they have covered over 50 tiger reserves in 29 states of our country. These tiger reserves include Sunderbans, Buxa, Kaziranga, Pilibhit, Nagarjuanasagar, Dudhowa, Ranthambore, and Bandipur.

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Starting their journey on February 15, 2019, Rathin Das said to have interacted with 3,000 villagers in the course of their journey spanning 268 days. They covered a total distance of 36,492kms in this time frame. The couple said to a reputed news agency that 643 awareness campaigns were conducted to educated the younger generation living around the tiger reserve about the need to demarcate the territory meant for man and animals so that none stray into each other’s lands.

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Many NGOs Came Forth To Support The Couple

Various NGOs like Exploring Nature, South Asian Forum for Environment (SAFE) and the Asian Wildlife Photographer Club, UK have supported the couple in their initiative. This couple said that most villagers are conscious about preserving the tiger’s habitat. This Is The Story Of The Hunter Who Sacrificed His Own Wife To A Tiger

Rathin and Gitanali plan to raise awareness across every country and in the process, they plan to visit several countries starting January. This couple plans on travelling through tiger habitats in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Russia and among others. We are sure, their cause will only roar across the continent for better preservation of these majestic beasts. Check out the Forysth Lodge At Satpura Tiger Reserve