Indian Embassy In UAE Warn Expats About Travel Fraud

by Deeplata Garde
Indian Embassy In UAE Warn Expats About Travel Fraud

Travel nowadays often begins online. However, be wary of misleading offers and blatant scams that might cost you a lot of money. Be careful about scams when you study places online and scour travel sites for discounts on hotels and flights. The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi has released a warning about a new travel fraud that targets Indian expats looking for assistance by utilising phoney social media accounts of the mission.

Scammers Are Targeting Indian Expats For Travel Fraud

After scammers impersonating embassy personnel uploaded disparaging posts using fake IDs belonging to those employees, several impacted organisations have also filed lawsuits against Indian expat workers. As a result of fraud using bogus employee IDs to disseminate negative posts about businesses and managers, some foreigners have lost their jobs. In contrast, according to embassy officials, others have had lawsuits brought on them by their own employers.


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Additionally, the consulate is in the stage of getting in touch with regional officials to take additional action on the matter. To prevent falling for scams, it is advisable to double-check the information on the Embassy’s social media profiles and email addresses on our website. Please note that all Indian Missions’ and Posts’ email addresses always finish at

How Do The Fraudsters Process The Operation?

A government official explained how scamsters contact Indians requesting assistance by tweeting their problems to ministries or missions. Targeted individuals include workers looking for help with repatriation. The con artists use the information they have obtained from possible suspects to make fictitious profiles on social media. Using those identities, they publish disparaging things about the appellants’ businesses and management.

Then, via WhatsApp, they contact the businesses or management and present them with snapshots of the disparaging posts.
Officials looked into the instances and discovered the deception when the tricked workers sought the Embassy directly for assistance.

After the embassy authorities intervened in one of the 3 scenarios, officials persuaded at least one employer that its employee was innocent.

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